Free Entertainment to Help You Survive Coronavirus Social Distancing


Guitar lessons, video games, movies, audiobooks, virtual museums, coloring pages, streaming baseball, home workouts and more, all free.

It’s not news again that social distancing is one of the precaution stated by medical profession to curb the spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, many people find it difficult to cope as they find themselves isolating. Already bored? Have no fair, i’ve rounded up a bunch of ways you can entertain yourself, all of them free. (Well, you may likely need things like a phone or tablet, a TV, an internet connection, and possibly a yoga mat.) I will keep this update in the coming weeks with new offers and services; find the latest additions at the bottom.

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A bit tired of phone games? This is the perfect time to reconnect with (or discover) computer games, which can deliver richer, deeper experiences. if noothing else, you’ll love playing on a bigger screen.

First up, Epic Games is offering two excellent PC games free of charge: Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable. Just add them to your Epic Games account (also free) anytime before March 26. (That’s the cutoff to download them; the games are yours to keep forever.)

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Meanwhile, GOG is giving away a whopping 27 PC games, including classics dating back to 1979 (!) and a playable prologue of the brand new city-building sim Builders of Egypt. All titles are DRM-free and compatible with Windows; some are also available for Mac or Linux.

But components do matter. The fastest GPU currently available in a laptop is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, followed by the RTX 2080 Max-Q; the Max-Q versions run at slower frequencies than their full-size siblings — to keep the noise and heat down and to fit into thinner designs. RTX models also accelerate ray-traced rendering and provide intelligent upscaling (DLSS) where it’s explicitly supported. If your favorite games don’t use it, the lower-end GTX 1660Ti incorporates the latest generation of Nvidia’s technology (Turing), without the extra cost burden of the RT cores, though it’s not up to the equal of the last-generation GTX 1080.

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The social distancing didn’t limit you from entertaining yourself by play video games. However, you can connect the games online and be playing with your co-workers or friends from different locations.



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