1575 Remote Jobs from 100+ Companies Hiring Remotely in March 2020


A remote job is any job that is not tied to a physical office. In such a job, work is usually accomplished using an internet connection and a computer.

Now that everybody is advised to stay indoor due to coronavirus pandemic outbreak, never see this period as a wasting of time. “Every disappointment is a blessing they say”. Use this period to get your life better, earn more and start living the life you’ve imagined. if you have spent any time looking for remote jobs you likely came across additional terms such as telecommuting, flexible schedules (flex jobs), and work from home jobs. These terms are all closely related but are not necessarily the same thing.

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Telecommuting dates back to when people used phones (think pre internet lol) to conduct the majority of their business. Generally, today it is used to indicate a job that works part time, or full time from home – but these positions are usually in the same geographical area as the company’s office.

Flexible Schedule jobs (also commonly referred to as flex jobs) are jobs that generally offer employees the ability to choose when and how much they work. The main benefit to this category of job is that they allow you to prioritize your needs and responsibilities (such as child or elderly care).


It is possible that a flex job can be a remote job, but it also may be more closely related to a telecommuting job. Be mindful of this during your search, and check what it explicitly states in the job post.

Work from home jobs are typically one and the same with remote jobs. BUT they may also be telecommuting jobs, where you must be located in the same geographical location as the employer. Again, it is important to be mindful of this during your search.

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Conclusively, Remote jobs are everywhere be it freelancing, marketing, development, design and more. This kind of a job allows an individual with a modern perspective of work life, to alleviate their expertise and network in an enterprising platform. Jobs such as these allow people to achieve more than what they could have from non-remote jobs



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